Pioneering sustainable energy solutions

SwitchRunner is a pioneering force in sustainable energy solutions, dedicated to transforming how we consume and manage energy.

Our innovative technologies enable individuals and businesses to make smarter, more efficient, and environmentally conscious choices, resulting in substantial cost savings.

From energy-efficient appliances to cutting-edge smart grid advancements, SwitchRunner is at the forefront of driving positive change for a sustainable future.

Take immediate action with us to revolutionize the way we power our world.


Only product specifically designed for easy integration to any appliance to serve the hospitality industry.


First implementation of a technology that applies a pay to use service to any existing consumer appliance.


We continually test and take results and feedback into product development.


Continually designed with the help and input of hospitality, electrical and software experts in the field.

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Oversee your power consumption and monetize your existing appliances.
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