Getting Started


Stable Wi-Fi with internet access

Step 1 (Registration)

Hospitality industry

Register a vendor account on the SwitchRunner portal. Each vendor account is associated with an establishment. Once registration is completed you may create your products online. A product is typically a virtual representation of the appliance with a price and duration attached to it. You may also create multiple products of the same appliance with different prices and durations if you choose to do so.

Loadshedding Energy Management Service

Subscribe to the Loadshedding Energy Management Service to configure smart devices that will or will not provide power to electronic equipment or appliances during loadshedding.


Step 2 (Select hardware)

SwitchRunner is able to interface with the following smart devices:

  • Smart Plugs (any existing appliance with a three prong plug. e.g. washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, heaters, aircons, irons, etc.)
  • Smart Breakers (geysers, ovens, pool pumps, heat pumps, etc.)
  • Smart Switches (e.g. lamps, heated blankets, etc.)

Order one or more smart devices from our online store or from any retailer that stocks Tuya Smart Devices.

For businesses in the hospitality industry that wish to monetize or manage non essential appliances (heavy load) we recommend purchase of our proprietary Switch Runner adaptor which includes a smart plug and our enclosure.


Step 3 (Hardware installation)

  • Switch Runner Adaptor – you will receive a smart plug and enclosure to ensure that the plug of the appliance cannot be decoupled from the smart plug. Installation is straightforward and does not require technical expertise.
  • Smart Plugs are plug and play – simply plug the smart plug into the wall socket and the appliance plug into the smart plug.
  • Smart Breaker – you will need to get a qualified electrician for installation.
  • Smart Switches – may be installed by an electrical DIY enthusiast or electrician


Step 4 (Software installation)

Install the SmartLife application on your smart phone. The mobile application is available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Use your credentials provided by the SwitchRunner team, via email, after registration (Step 1), to logon to the SmartLife app and pair the smart devices to your Wi-Fi.


Ongoing (Guests – Hospitality industry)

Guests use the same SwitchRunner portal to find your establishment with geolocation or search, choose an appliance, add to basket and checkout to pay to use the appliance.

You will be able to login to the portal at any time to modify pricing, description, images, duration, etc.

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