Effortless Energy Management for Hospitality

Welcome to SwitchRunner, your key to revolutionizing energy control in the hospitality industry. With just a stable Wi-Fi connection, you’re ready to embark on a journey towards efficient, cost-effective appliance management.

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Step 1: Seamless Registration

For the hospitality sector, getting started is a breeze. Register your vendor account on our user-friendly portal.

Each account is linked to a specific establishment, giving you the power to effortlessly create and manage virtual representations of your appliances online.

Set prices and durations for each product, tailoring your offerings to perfection.

Step 2: Choose Your Smart Devices

SwitchRunner harmonizes with a variety of smart devices, making integration a breeze:

  • Smart Plugs: Ideal for appliances like washing machines, dryers, heaters, and more.
  • Smart Breakers: Perfect for heavy-duty appliances like geysers, ovens, and pool pumps.
  • Smart Switches: Versatile options for lamps, heated blankets, and more.

Elevate your efficiency by ordering our proprietary SwitchRunner Adaptor, specially designed for businesses looking to monetize or manage non-essential appliances. It includes a smart plug and a secure enclosure for a hassle-free experience.

Step 3: Effortless Hardware Installation

Installation is a cinch:

  • Switch Runner Adaptor: A plug-and-play solution, ensuring security without technical complexities.
  • Smart Plugs: Simply plug into the wall socket and connect your appliance.
  • Smart Breakers: Trust a qualified electrician for seamless installation.
  • Smart Switches: DIY enthusiasts or electricians can effortlessly set them up.

Step 4: Simple Software Setup

Download the SmartLife application from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Use the credentials provided after registration to log in and pair your smart devices with Wi-Fi effortlessly.

Ongoing: Guest Convenience

Empower your guests through our portal. They can locate your establishment, choose appliances, add to the basket, and seamlessly pay for usage. You retain control with 24/7 access to modify pricing, descriptions, images, duration, and more.

Sustainability Reporting

A crucial tool for hotels, aligned with UN SDGs and ISO requirements. Empowering sustainability goals, it facilitates precise tracking of milestones like carbon emissions reduction. As hotels set science-based targets, SwitchRunner becomes a cornerstone for preparation and submission. With electronic reporting, it enhances transparency, aligns with ISO standards, and fosters a powerful alliance for sustainable development, showcasing collaborative efforts crucial for SDG 17. In essence, SwitchRunner is indispensable for hotels, amplifying sustainability impact in the hospitality industry.

SwitchRunner — Where Effortless Energy Management Meets Hospitality Excellence. Elevate your business today!

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Oversee your power consumption and monetize your existing appliances.
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