LEMS: Smart Energy Management for Load Shedding

Say goodbye to the complexities of managing non-essential appliances during load shedding! SwitchRunner’s Load Shedding Energy Management Service (LEMS) is a cutting-edge cloud-based IoT solution designed to effortlessly monitor and control heavy-load appliances, ensuring a seamless experience during power disruptions.

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Challenges Addressed

As backup battery installations become more prevalent, the burden of managing non-essential appliances during load shedding has grown. Expensive electrical rewiring is often impractical. Without proper management, heavy-duty appliances strain backup systems and risk system crashes.

Our Innovative Approach

SwitchRunner embarked on a journey to simplify this challenge through home automation. Our solution transforms non-essential appliances into smart devices, allowing them to operate only when there’s no load shedding. By integrating cloud services with IoT, we’ve created an affordable, easy-to-set-up solution that requires no specialized technical skills.


  • A smart device (currently supporting most Tuya or CBI platform smart devices)
  • WiFi and internet connection
  • Optional smart plug enclosure for added security

Hardware Installation

No modifications to smart devices are needed. Our platform supports widely available smart devices with warranties and installation guides. For smart breakers, switches, and light switches, we recommend a qualified electrician.

Software Service Setup

Users subscribe to LEMS on our website, managing up to 10 smart devices. Once subscribed, users provide their area, and the cloud component sends the next 24 hours of load shedding events to the devices, dictating when appliances can be used.

Smart Device and LEMS Automation

LEMS ensures smart devices control when non-essential appliances operate, aligning with load shedding schedules. Advanced features include weather-based overrides for users with solar panels and configurable alerts for impending load shedding.


SwitchRunner LEMS is a unique IoT cloud solution offering a cost-effective, simple approach to managing non-essential loads during load shedding. No costly rewiring needed, reducing the risk of crashes to your backup battery solution.

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